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Since 1949, NHCR has provided point of sale (POS) systems and cash registers to CT- based restaurant and retail businesses. We individualize our solutions to meet the requirements of each and every customer and provide a full range of implementation, support and on-site services

Centrally located in the New Haven area for over 60 years, NHCR is dedicated to providing the POS or cash register solution that best fits the needs of each of our clients. Our tremendous experience in selling and supporting both restaurant and retail systems provides us with insight not readily available elsewhere.

Each of our technical staff has decades of POS experience and is well versed in all areas of support including both hardware and software. The long term continuity that our technical team provides our customer base is expert and personal, which is reflected in our high telephone response success rate. Many owners deal with the same technical advisor for years which makes troubleshooting problems much easier and less time consuming. We also utilize the latest remote access technology where applicable, which further improves our technical response. We are technically certified for each product we sell and also carry an A+ hardware certification.

Beyond selling and supporting restaurant and retail point of sale solutions, cash register systems and supplies, NHCR offers an integrated camera security system which not only displays the picture of the cashier and their customer but also the exact entry information that the cashier is recording at the time. This complete picture virtually eliminates questions about sweethearting and other fraudulent activity. 


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