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Fast, Reliable, Secure Credit Card Processing


Every product NHCR offers can be seamlessly integrated with credit card processing. The benefit of this type of integration is a fast, simplified and highly accurate financial transaction. When linked with high speed communications (DSL or Cable Modem) the transaction typically takes between 3 to 5 seconds, which is almost as fast as a CASH transaction. 

We recommend Mercury Payment solutions for credit and gift card processing since they specialize in interfacing with point of sale and cash register products without using a separate stand-beside product. This specialization provides them with the expertise to understand (better than any one else in the industry) how to resolve issues or problems that may occur. The partnership between NHCR and Mercury translates into a smooth and trouble-free process when it comes to ringing your credit card transactions. Mercury provides a NO COST software interface, low and competitive Visa/ Mastercard & Amex rates, auto batching with no user intervention, Mercury Stand-In when an outage occurs, and Free 24/7 technical support. NHCR with Mercury provides a fast, secure and PCI compliant (industry regulated security requirement) solution that's extremely cost-effective and specifically designed to protect you and your customers from credit card transaction hacks. To learn more about PCI Compliance or for a demonstration of Mercury's newest program offering, Merchant SecureAssist™, as well as other related information, please click on the links below or call our office .

Test Your PCI Compliance Knowledge

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Mercury Credit Card & Gift Card Processing
Mercury Credit Card & Gift Card Integrated Processing For Point of Sale
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PCI Security CompliancePCI Compliance Information For Point of Sale (POS)  

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