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Integrating Credit Card Processing with Cash Registers & Point of Sale solutions.

Every cash register and point of sale solution provided by NHCR can be seamlessly integrated with credit card processing.  This interface provides a means of speeding up the credit card transaction, reducing the time spent during the entire check out process and eliminating mistakes common to the non-integrated alternative. 

Both dial-up(modem) and high speed capabilities(dsl/cable) are offered across the entire product line.  The high speed connection is very stable and reduces the transaction time from the typical 20-25 seconds to a 3-5 second average authorization.  By reducing the average time a credit card paying customer is waiting in the check out line by 15 seconds(using high speed versus dial up), it is easy to see why many customers are implementing this solution. Additionally credit card processors have implemented Internet access for owners and managers for viewing reports and getting information quickly and accurately. This information can be viewed securely allowing the owners to oversee the business from any Internet accessible location.  

The Samsung M version cash registers have the ability to work with any processor that uses the DataCap interface. DataCap is a widely used software interface that connects to the register via the standard serial port. This interface uses both dial up or high speed.   This can happen even without the use of a computer at the store.  A dsl/cable line from your telephone provider along with the proper cash register hardware configuration is all you need to have high speed credit card connectivity that integrates with a moderate cost cash register.  It is a major price break from the traditional point of sale equipment that was once needed to perform this type of functionality.  Information about the entire Samsung line can be viewed on this web site by clicking on the Cash Register ICON and then choosing any one of the various models for additional information.  All high speed DataTran No Load devices also include a fall back dial up mode should the high speed not work. 

Our point of sale restaurant and retail products also utilize dial up or high speed credit card processing meeting PCI compliance regulations.  Our retail POS products, Microsoft RMS and Aloha Data Systems, Store Tender can be tied directly to most major credit card processors without the need for additional software or hardware when using dsl/cable high speed processing. All of the functionality is controlled within the point of sale program for trouble-free operations. 

Our restaurant POS software, Comtrex can also be interfaced to the credit card network,  through a dsl/cable connection.  It is easy to use and all accountability is controlled and maintained through the system, accessed with your computer. 

While many credit card processors can work with NHCR products we recommend Mercury Payment who provides the best combination of rates and support.   Mercury also offers a comprehensive and FREE gift card program that is second to none in the industry.

For more information on credit card and gift card processing integrated with your restaurant or retail point of sale or cash register system please refer your questions directly to our office at 203-287-22977, ext 302 or click on this link or go to our POS product page.  All our products meet the PCI/DSS compliance regulations.


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