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Innovative, Customized Point of Sale (POS) Solutions                                                                           

For today's complex restaurant and retail environments, a Point of Sale (POS) system is no longer a luxury but a critical neccessity. Combining the best attributes of a cash
register along with the power of a modern computer, a state-of-the art POS system from NHCR helps your business,capture orders,record data and display or print tickets.
Sales personnel servers, bartenders and cashiers can all use POS systems to easily enter orders, accept payments and keep customers moving through the purchase cycle.

NHCR POS System Capabilities​
restaurant point of sale system
With a broad range of available hardware and software components, NHCR can purpose-build a POS system to your exact requirements. Depending on your
specific application and budget, the system can consist of multiple stations, including credit card terminals, receipt printers, display screens, hostess stations
and server stations. Having a POS system from NHCR in place can add convenience, accuracy and save time in busy situations. In fact, all our systems
provide you with the ability to perform a multitude of functions, including:


  • Calculate cash due for every order entered
  • Record the method of payment
  • Accept credit and gift cards
  • Keep track of the cash in the cash drawer
  • Create hourly and daily sales reports
  • Allow hourly employees to clock in and out
  • Calculate labor and payroll data
  • Record daily check averages for each worker
  • Keep track of menu items sold
  • Record information on repeat customers​

What to Look for in a POS System

Every POS system differs based on its software, hardware and application. When looking for a POS system, do some research online and check out several
ifferent companies in addition to ours. You can even request a demo from a salesperson.
You should purchase or rent a POS for your specific retail or restaurant
type, especially if your operation has any special requirements. At NHCR, we are specialists in configuring POS software to your exact operation specifications such
as your restaurant menu items, inventory and prices. Additionally, make sure the company that sells or rents you a POS system can service it! Ask if they are local
to the area and provide on-site support and service like we've done for the past sixty years. 

Restaurant POS Solutions

Comtrex Point of Sale Software

Comtrex Point of Sale (POS) System For Restaurants With over 20 years of market experience, Comtrex provides superior POS solutions that are both robust and flexible. Tthe Comtrex POS 2100 is a performance-proven, 
easy-to-use point of sale software solution specifically designed for the independent restaurant. Its flexible, fluid architecture allows it to be utilized in all types of restaurant
environments including fine dine, family service and quick service operations.
Designed by industry experts, the POS 2100 is simple to use yet delivers visible benefits; 
cutting daily waste and labor costs and increasing sales opportunities to put profits back where they belong - in your pocket.

For additional information on the POS2100, click here.


Reflection is a fully-integrated POS solution combining state-of-the-art, feature-rich software; an embedded operating system that eliminates virus, malware
and spyware threats; and an elegant graphical user interface (GUI). It provides non-technical restaurant owners with a simple and intuitive solution that features
high reliability, application flexibility, and an extremely attractive cost of ownership. 

For additional information on Reflection, click here.


Retail POS Solutions


Logivision’s L-POS is a superior point of sale software solution specifically designed for the retail industry. Featuring highly secure transaction registration,
ease-of-use, and efficient data analysis, L-POS fits the needs of all general retail environments and takes the mystery out of the transaction flow, so your

check-out lines continue to move at peak efficiency. 
The comprehensive software provides wide-ranging control of POS and back-store management functions including minimum inventory levels, sales histories

and projected sales for future periods. It’s fully compatible with a wide variety of hardware including touch screen devices and keyboards, and can handle a
wide variety of applications from multi-lane supermarkets to single-counter boutique bakeries. The software can also track complex discounting by customer
level and allows you to maintain loyalty-based reward programs for frequent shoppers.

Designed with speed and simplicity in mind, L-POS will fit into general retail environments like pets shops, gift boutiques, garden centers, camera shops, artist
supply stores and coffee shops as well as in high volume retail environments like supermarkets, health food stores, pharmacies and convenience stores. 
For additional information on Logivision, click here.

Microsoft Retail Management Solution (RMS)
Microsoft RMS is a robust software solution designed to meet the needs of the independent retail business owner.  A well-conceived and flexible design
allows it to be used in a wide variety of retail business applications.  RMS' strength is its ability to store and retrieve important sales data in order to
understand past sales patterns.  This allows the business owner to monitor, purchase and control inventory in a very straight forward and efficient manner.

For additional information on Microsoft RMS, click here.

NWT Handheld Mobile Solution

Handheld Mobile POS software brings you the power and functionality of a traditional POS system to a handheld device. This gives you and your staff
the freedom and versatility of mobility while maintaining the robust nature of a full retail system.

Imagine gaining the power and flexibility throughout your retail operations from mobile cashiers all the way to inventory management, in one convenient
and affordable package.   

Fully integrated with Microsoft RMS, the NWT Mobile Manager suite allows you to update and manage your inventory in real time and includes
physical inventory count, purchase order management,  label printing, item manager, transfers, work orders, quotes and layways. 

For additional information on the NWT Handheld Mobile Solution, click here.

Video Security Surveillance Systems

Surveillance Security Systems provide managers and owners with a complete video picture of cashier & customer activity to minimize shrink and theft.  

For additonal information on NHCR Video Surveillance Systems, click here.    


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