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Would you like to...
Reduce paperwork? Automate inventory control? Handle peak sales periods with fewer employees?  Decrease workload and increase profits?  Here's the POS software solution you've been waiting for from Microsoft: Retail Management System ( RMS )  and gives any XP Pro or Windows 7 Pro computer the power you need to run your business.

One package does it all....
RMS rings sales, prints receipts, secures credit card authorizations, calculates and records sales tax, scans and prints bar codes, and prints reports. It automatically handles discounts, promotional pricing, and coupons. RMS will speed up transactions and reduce employee errors in any business.

Maximum productivity, minimum training....
RMS is very easy to use. Keystrokes match familiar cash register functions, and a simple point-and-void system lets you correct mistakes instantly. Your sales staff can learn RMS on the job, without extensive training or overtime cost.

Perfect for your business....
RMS is expandable and fully configurable. You can design your own receipts, reports, and invoices.  Configure custom buttons for special transactions, like Work Orders or Layaways, or be able to implement a Web Store quickly and easily using your RMS inventory file.  RMS supports most popular POS hardware, like cash drawers, scanners, pole displays, bar code and receipt printers, and more. 

Get the information about your business....
Stay on top of performance with accurate, timely data about sales, profitability, inventory and customers.  Put your information to work with more than 100 standard reports and the ability to analyze and share information in multiple formats.  You can know exactly what's selling best, who's buying and when--- by item, department or category.  Decide when to buy or mark down and track return on investment for marketing initiatives.

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Microsoft Retail Management System  to see a video of an overview of RMS;  You can download a brochure; or (in the SUCCESS STORIES section) read dozens of testimonials from merchants who have implemented RMS; or (in the TIPS & ADVICE section) read articles from expert consultants concerning how to retain and attract customers and other best practices ideas that can be implemented in your retail business. 

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