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With the advent of the digital video recorder(DVR) computer and hi-resolution digital camera's, CCTV security systems have taken a major leap forward in monitoring and controlling activity within your business.

The bulky old style analog camera's were less precise than today's small and powerful digital color camera's. Video cassette recorders captured a poor image, needed to be replaced often and were difficult in searching for important occurances. 

Digital systems take advantage of  technology and provide a product that is easy to maintain yet highly sophisticated and adaptable. 

The DVR can be configured in a myriad of ways capturing large volumes of precise, crystal clear high definition images of your employees, your customers and unwanted intruders with the ability to sort and instantateously search for specific occurances.

A major benefit of using a digital product is its ability to interface and capture cash register and point of sale entries(as shown in the picture above).  Not only can you capture the picture of the cashier and their customer but every item that the cashier is recording is also digitally captured over the video image.  Since a major portion of theft is internal, images that show both the video and text of what is being recorded at the register can reduce this type of stealing significantly.  "Sweethearting", Under-Rings, No Sales, Voids, Refunds can all be monitored and acted upon in a legal fashion.   The search software is specifcally designed to identify and sort specified actions by the cashiers and end of day reports can provide evidence of theft of goods and services.

Of course the security system can monitor other actions as well as those on the cash register or point of sale system.  Camera's mounted in the kitchen, at the rear exit or capturing images of your customers entering your business can provide a tremendous deterrent to would be burglars and thieves.  Inventory mysteriously disappearing can now be accounted for.  The system provides a visible deterrent to both your employees and potential thieves and shoplifters.

By incorporating a high speed connection you can also view realtime exactly what is occurring at your place of business from any Internet access location.  Using a secure id # and password along with the specific IP address of the security system,  ownership can view current images or review stored detail from the DVR computer harddrive.  

The Talon line of heavy duty DVRs offers up to 1 terabyte of storage capacity, a minimum of 2 gigabyte RAM memory, a user-friendly interface optimized for Microsoft Windows 7 Pro, speeds up to 60 pictures-persecond (pps), and complete remote access. The units are available in 8 and 16 channel models.

The new digital video security solutions can provide ownership with an extra pair of eyes and the ability to deter in a real way internal pilferage and fraud along with monitoring and recording customer related theft and burglary.  Integration with point of sale ( POS ) and cash register systems is standard.

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