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Reflection - Point of Sale For Food Service    


 Reflection POS uses an 'embedded' operating system which improves operational stability and functionality at a reduced cost. Since Reflection does not require a computer harddrive or Windows operating system, the overall reliability of the solution is improved while at the same time the costs are reduced.

Reflection is impervious to malware, viruses or spyware, does not require on-line updates and is inherently more reliable than comparable pc based solutions.

Reflection is specifically designed to overcome most technological problems.  There is no single point of failure, since there is no single master terminal or server.  If a workstation fails, any other terminal can retrieve that order, since all orders are distrbuted to all stations at the end of each transaction.  If a kitchen printer fails, all orders automatically get transmitted to the designated 'back up' printer allowing your operation to continue without interruption or downtime.

Reflection has an impressive set of security features and capabilities that compare favorably to even the most sophisticated and costly 'pc' based solutions.  Reflection through its flexible and advanced feature set handles all types of transactions including high speed gift and credit card processing. It is compliant with the latest security standards set by the credit card industry so that your customers card data can never be breached.

Reflection can be used in a wide variety of food service operations such as:

                    A:       Family Dining

                    B:       Pizza

                    C:      Gourmet/Coffee/Yogurt/Ice Cream Shops

                    D:      Quick Serve

                    E:       Cafeterias

Reflection can send end of day reports to the CLOUD for date range viewing of reports by any web enabled computer.

Reflection can be connected to an office computer for enhanced reporting functionality and programming

Reflection can be connected to Mercury for credit card, gift card and loyalty programs(See loyalty Youtube video below)

If you require a point of sale system that is LESS susceptible to failure:  that provides the functions and features which allow you to control your front end business: that is easy to use and maintain: and costs less than comparable PC based alternatives, then Reflection is definitely your best choice

Click here for a Reflection Brochure        Click her for a CLOUD Brochure    Click here for the Back Office Module Brochure 


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