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Sam4s Model 2000 Touch Screen Point of Sale Cash Register System.
The SPS-2000 evolutionary point of sale cash register is designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of businesses such as quick and table service restaurants, delicatessens, convenience stores and many other types of retail operations.

The SPS-2000 is well suited for those businesses which offer both food and retail items because it can handle both types of items from a sales and inventory point of view. It supports a full complement of POS peripherals, including thermal and remote printers, electronic scales, scanners, credit card and gift card readers using industry standard parallel, serial and USB interfaces. 

While the SPS-2000 point of sale system incorporates many PC based features (a 12" touch screen that is bright and vivid with a robust set of  software options,) it does not utilize a harddrive.  It stores all programming information on non-volatile RAM memory.  Additionally data can be stored in a standard external Flash memory card, similar to a digital camera.  This makes the SPS-2000 very stable and more reliable than most comparable point of sale solutions.

The electronic cash register (ECR) like design provides significant advantages in speed, recovery from power interruptions and other environmental issues that typically can effect PC based point of sale systems.

 The SPS-2000 can connect to a back office computer either remotely or directly for programming and report storage,  in a single, multi terminal or multi location business and can communicate to most credit card processors.

The SPS-2000 due to its unique design takes up very limited and valuable counter space measuring less than 15" x 10".  The touch screen can be tilted from 22 to 77 degrees enabling any clerk to easily and clearly view the point of sale screen..

The SPS-2000 point of sale touch screen cash register is an excellent choice for those businesses that require a comprehensive approach to ringing sales yet who want a less complex and expensive overall solution.
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